Our History

The original purchase was by Jacob Yowell, who deeded the farm in the late 1700’s to  American Walker Yowell and his wife, Susan. They first maintained the Farm and added to it being one of the first land owners in the area to acquire 1,000 acres. What begin as a working farm is still in existence today with family and servant cemeteries nearby.

In February 1981, an ad in the Washington Post brought Anne and Doug Farmer to Madison County to see the 125 acre homestead. Through the help of family and friends they updated and remodeled the original house from the late 1700’s, completely restored the house from 1837, and turned the barn into a lodge with 40 beds and a dining room for 150 plus. On the far side of the property their son Jeff built a log cabin near the 7 acre bass, canoeing, and swimming lake. Since 1981 they’ve added 5 buildings for a total of 8 buildings with 150 beds.

Shenandoah Springs has served many people from all walks of life and many countries throughout the world. The University of Paris sent 500 students to Shenandoah Springs for the summer of 1993 so that they could see America at its best. With the help of their son Mark and his wife Michelle, daughter Beth and her husband Eddie, 5 grandchildren, partners in ministry and friends they continue the tradition of serving all those who come for rest and relaxation.

We encourage all to come our way who honor the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, who uphold His Word, to come and enjoy his majestic mountains and the beauty of Shenandoah Springs.