Camp Registration 2022

Shenandoah Springs Summer 2022

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CAMP June 26 – July 1 

AGES 7 and up. Campers will experience the exciting and refreshing beauty of being out of doors, learning survival , and team-building skills. The enchantment of the forest and discovery of new things in God’s great world will  enhance every phase of the camper’s life. “Out-trips” will include Hiking the Appalachian Trail, sleeping under the stars, canoeing on the majestic Shenandoah-Rappahannock-Robinson river(s), Wake boarding/tubing/skiing at Lake Anna, worship and Bible study in camp and on the trail along with other options. See registration sheet for info above – Interest is building so call now!


Greetings Precious Shenandoah Springs Family!!!!

   Can you believe we are in the year 2022!!!!? Wow!!! Time flies when you’re about our FATHER’S business!!! That is Heavenly Father!!! He has created each of us for a specific purpose! Each member of HIS BODY plays a very important part of His Story!!!! So this year we are all excited about knowing the PLANS HE HAS FOR Us! Our Father God has plans for us in this game called “life!”  Each player in this game is unique! You see, you are the ONLY ONE just like you!!! No one else can be You!!! Without you this body is incomplete!! That’s how important you are!! 

     This summer we are going to dive into GOD’S GAME PLAN and see where our Great Coach will have us playing and giving our all!!! There is ONE who gave His all for you and for me!!! He did!!! His name is JESUS!!! He kicked the enemy’s team defenseless!!! He made us ( you and me) more than conquerors!!! We get to celebrate His victory every day we live and breathe!!!! 

     We look forward to seeing you June 26-July 1 at Shenandoah Springs to make new friends, new memories and get trained for a life in CHRIST JESUS!!! Yeaaaaah!!! Get your registrations in early! Bring a friend or 2!!! And remember: You are greatly loved!!!Go Team!!!! 

Always in Christ Jesus,

Beth F. Poplin

JEREMIAH 29:11-“For I know the plans I have towards you,” says the LORD…..”

     We invite you and friends to join us June 26 (Sunday) to July 1 (Friday) for a fun filled Week at Camp Shenandoah Springs!! For those that have never been we have  planned a great week and we have a lot in store for you!! For every 4 friends you invite that pay in full you come free of charge!!! That’s right!! You will not have to pay for anything but riding horses or the ski/wakeboard/tube trip!! We waive your camp tuition because of your great Personal Relations (PR). We plan to do the same thing in 2023 for all returnees!!! That’s God’s Game Plan for us!!

     Because this is so popular, we know our registrations will fill up quickly – so we want to be sure you get your registrations in before April 15, 2022. There will be a section on your registration form that signifies that your friends have paid.

Registration forms and health forms are in this attachment and above.

$ Free if registration in by 15 April 2022 with 4 fully paid friends 

Call now 540-923-4300. CALL DOUG IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS